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Herbal Tea and Raw Honey Gift Box

Herbal Tea and Raw Honey Gift Box

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We make up gift boxes of our Special Herbal Tea Blends

Options Below:

  1. Winter: Vitamin C Red Tea, Bamboo Honey and Orange Lavender Herbal Honey,
  2. After Dinner: Tulsi Holy Basil Blend, Clover and Bamboo Honey, 2 Chocolates,
  3. Chamomile Tisane: Chamomile and French Herb Tea, Goodnight Blend Essential Oil and Orange Lavender Herbal Honey, 
  4. Respiratory Relief: Respiratory Tonic Tea, Breathe Rite Blend Essential Oil and Respiratory Relief Herbal Honey,
  5. Daily Dose: Vitamin Rich Herbal Tea, Bamboo and Clover Honey,
  6. Heart Healthy Circulation : Linden Tea Blend, Bamboo, and Rosemary Herbal Honey


We also offer all our teas in either 4 Oz. loose tea or 10 tea bags packages.
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